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Are you representing yourself in a family law case in Pierce County, Washington?

SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE to find the link to the topic you need help with. These help presentations will open in a separate window and may be downloaded or printed.

If you need more help or have questions, refer to the Family Law Resources in Pierce County link below. The material provided on this page is not intended to be a substitute for specific legal advice. We encourage you to get legal advice about your own case.

NEW! Adult Guardianship Forms

Family Law Resources in Pierce County

Video - How to Get a Fee Waiver in Pierce County

Pierce County Family Court Website

Pierce County Dissolution Checklist, NO Children (Word Document)

Pierce County Dissolution Checklist WITH Children (Word Document)

Need to do service? Download the Coordinated Family Law Project's SERVICE BROCHURE (PDF)

Advice from the Lawhelp Center -- Courtroom Procedures & Protocol (Word Document)

Advice from the Lawhelp Center -- Important Things to Remember (Word Document)

Child Support

How to Change Your Order of Child Support

Child Support for Post Secondary Education

Your Dissolution - Understanding the Process

Responding to a Petition for Dissolution

Non-Parental Custody

How to Get Temporary Orders in Your Dissolution Case

How to Finalize an Uncontested Divorce

Community Property

What You Need to Know About Service

Domestic Violence - How to Get a Protection Order

Parenting Plans - Why You Need One, and How to Prepare One

Modifying Your Parenting Plan (includes information on Relocation)

Establishing Paternity

How to Prepare for and Participate in a Domestic Trial

Filing a Motion for Change of Venue

Filing a Motion for Contempt

Last updated August 12, 2015